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Healthcare Project in Uganda

We’re partnering with PACE Project in Uganda to bring safe drinking water to local communities, via our SaWa bags. 


PACE - The Program for Accessible Health Communication and Education - is a local, non-governmental health organization and an independent network member of PSI in Uganda. It is committed to providing innovative, efficient, and impact-oriented solutions to Ugandans, while contributing to the Ministry of Health commitments towards child care and reproductive health.
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The Cost of Unsafe Drinking Water in Uganda

In Uganda, 22 million people cannot find and secure clean drinking water, according to water.org. The health and economic toll this places on both the people and country creates a ripple effect. The issue touches everything from economic prosperity, health and education, all the way to cultural and societal infrastructures.

Beyond its importance for public health, a community’s access to safe and reliable drinking water is directly linked to its economic growth for the country; and can significantly reduce poverty, according to the WHO. In fact, 77% of the population in Uganda is under the age of 25. This presents a significant opportunity to support the country’s economic prosperity and health for the long term by the simple act of supplying clean drinking water.

The SaWa bag quickly purifies the water in a fraction of the time it takes to gather resources to boil and purify the water. This translates into fewer sick days caused by waterborne diseases as well as more time for education and employment.

Copyright PACE
Copyright PACE
Our Project Aims
  • Distribute and train the community to use SaWa bags
  • Collect market research through quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Use data to understand: behaviors, habits, and potential obstacles to adoption
  • Prove the effectiveness of our approach and product
Community Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of waterborne diseases for vulnerable communities
  • Lower environmental impact of fuel used to purify water
  • Free up both time and resources used to boil and purify the water.
  • Bring confidence to the communities by demonstrating SaWa bag is a reliable and affordable source of the family’s safe drinking water
Copyright PACE
Copyright PACE