The lack of safe drinking water is an urgent challenge in many communities; causing sickness, missed days at school for millions of children and lost working days for adults all over the world. Several solutions exist to provide drinking water to these communities. These are however met with challenges, especially in low income communities located in remote rural areas. Many of these traditional solutions such as boreholes, filter solutions and chlorine are not sustainable due to high investment and operational costs. In an effort to reach more households in these communities, we have kicked off government projects that are set to roll out in Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan; who have an estimated 25% – 35% of their populations still lacking access to safe drinking water.

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SaWa for schools will serve as an entry point for health and hygiene promotion and education. Most importantly, it will provide the local communities with a simple method that can be applied at home. The solution does not require literacy and is therefore suitable for contexts with varying levels of education. Particularly, the aim is to enable women to engage in other productive activities, improving family wellbeing. Safe drinking water will also positively impact the health of children and increase their studying capacity, whereas they would be spending longer hours and energy fetching water. 


We are partnering with the national governments in Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan to deploy the Safe Water for Schools project; which introduces sustainable, non-invasive means to acquire clean water for households through school children. In cooperation with our partners (Governments and Implementation Partners) we will identify areas where access to safe drinking water is most challenging. We will select schools in these areas and train teachers based on a curriculum developed in collaboration with the Ministries of Education. The school students will be educated on the usage and benefits of SaWa, take this knowledge and the SaWa solution back to their households as change agents, supported by the program.





The goal is to bring the SaWa Bags to families with children living in the most water challenged areas of the country over the next two years, and then – as funding becomes available – to expand the program to 11 million families with children throughout Tanzania. 


On the signing of the agreement with 4 Life Solutions, the Honourable Minister of Water, Jumaa Hamidu Aweso said: 


“We are eager to support our school children and their families with safe drinking water. The Sawa Bag is a unique, sustainable solution, which can help us achieve this goal. It is my hope that we with the right corporate partners can get the Sawa Bag to all families with children in all parts of Tanzania.”



Most of Uganda has about 300 days with more than four hours of sunshine, which is one of the reasons why this safe and climate friendly solution is chosen to bring safe drinking water to families throughout the country.


In this public/private partnership the Office of the Prime Minister and 4 Life Solutions now invite national as well as international companies and organizations to discuss partnerships on funding, manufacturing, and distribution.


On the signing of the agreement with Life Solutions on today, Thursday 5th of May, the Prime Minister, OPM, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja said: “We are proud to have identified this unique water purification solution, which will go a long way in addressing challenges of safe drinking water among populations in need. We are committed to improving livelihoods for refugees and our local people at risk. This solution is simple and sustainable using only the power of the sun for efficient purification. This will be excellent for our brothers and sisters.’ 



"The SaWa is easy to use and provides very safe water even in areas that are challenged with highly polluted water. It will greatly help increase access to safe water among our school going children especially in primary schools in water challenged areas. We invite our corporate partners as well as the international community to help us implement this solution and other solutions geared towards improving the lives of our people."

The Minister of State for Primary Education, Dr. Joyce Moriku Tweet