Healthcare Project in Tanzania

The MomCare Program in Tanzania by PharmAccess, implements a health insurance program targeting pregnant women and their newborns.
SaWa Bag is introduced as an additional benefit for the health of the women and child during their pregnancy.

Financial and healthcare barriers cause many pregnant women to attend their first Antenatal Care visit too late. This leads to unnecessary complications and high mortality for the mother and child during the pregnancy term. An investment in earlier care and detection of high-risk pregnancy improves health outcomes and make pregnancy costs of care more transparent and predictable.

The Scope

The MomCare programme implemented by PharmAccess has partnered with 4Life Solutions to provide safe water to its beneficiaries. Safe drinking water is essential for women to stay healthy throughout their pregnancy and a matter of survival for children under 5. The project aims to achieve the following outcomes:


  1. Reduce the occurrence level of waterborne diseases.
  2. Increase access for pregnant women to antenatal, facility delivery and postnatal services
  3. Increased uptake of quality Maternal, Newborn and Child Health services on the Patient Journey from pregnancy through birth to postnatal care 
About MomCare Programme

The MomCare programme implemented by PharmAccess uses digital and mobile technology to combine three dimensions of care into a solution motivating access to better quality: 

  1. Access to a predefined care bundle where price and services are stated
  2. Clinical quality assessment and improvement at the healthcare providers
  3. Actionable information to improve and incentivize the patient-provider interaction via the MomCare app.

The MomCare package complements existing government care funding to ensure access to an entire quality care journey. The supporting MomCare App translates the care package’s utilization into actionable information for the medical professionals.

Stakeholder Reports

Project Coordinators

Dr. Heri Marwa

Country Director, PharmAccess Tanzania

Per Gjøde

4Life Solutions Representative


Lead, MomCare Program