Invitation to Local Stakeholder Consultation

Healthcare Project in Tanzania

Dear Stakeholder

4Life Solutions will implement the carbon project activity ‘VPA1: The MomCare Project’ under the Gold Standard Programme of Activities (PoA) ‘Sustainable Water Purification Programme‘. The project will disseminate safe water purification technology, the so-called SaWa, based on Solar Water Disinfection Technology to households in the Manyara Region, Tanzania.

The PoA is managed by 4Life Solutions (formerly known as SolarSack), a Danish-based impact company. In this context, a Local Stakeholder Public Consultation will be carried out for all local, affected and interested stakeholders. This includes non-governmental organizations, women groups, research institutes and organizations/individuals working on topics related to the project activity, policymakers on a national and district level, as well as local people, communities and or representatives who are directly or indirectly affected by the project.

4Life Solutions (Coordinating and Managing Entity of the PoA) invites all interested parties to attend the Local Stakeholder Consultation on July 12th, 2021, 8:30 am to 13:00 pm in Babati Tanzania.
PharmAccess Foundation Regional Administration
Block, Room 39, Babati, Manyara, Tanzania
+255 (0)222 124 888

Stakeholders who cannot physically attend the meeting have the possibility to participate online through Zoom. The login details are the following:

Meeting ID: 999 5494 5092
Password: 850398

Please find attached a Non-Technical Summary of the project. In case of any questions or if you want further details and project information prior to the consultation, please write an Email to Johan Juul Jensen, NGO manager at 4Life Solutions ( or give a call to WhatsApp +45 4234 5740

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