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Kidame Mart

Healthcare Project in Ethiopia

We’re partnering with Kidame Mart to empower women in rural Ethiopia and bring clean drinking water to their communities.

Kidame Mart

Kidame Mart is a social enterprise empowering rural female entrepreneurs. Set up in rural areas of Ethiopia, Kidame Mart helps women with insufficient family income by training them to become micro-entrepreneurs. Since 2017, it has trained 3,000 rural women to earn incomes by selling high impact goods door-to-door to over 1.5 million rural customers. The result? They have the means to keep their children in school, access health insurance, better opportunities and an increased quality of life.

The Cost of Unsafe Water for Women in Rural Ethiopia

In developing countries 80% of illnesses are due to poor water and sanitation. Without the means for medical care and treatment, it quickly becomes a deadly and debilitating problem throughout the country.

This burden often falls on women who have to collect the water; gather resources to boil and purify it; or look after those affected by these diseases. These women have limited access to resources and income-generating opportunities that could help keep themselves and their families safe.

Community Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of waterborne diseases in the area
  • Free up the time of women – associated with illness and collecting fuel to boil and purify water
  • Lower environmental impact of fuel used to purify water
  • Empower women to earn their own income and educate their communities for a healthier way of life
  • Boost economic growth on a local and national level
Our Project Aims
  • Train Kidame Mart micro sellers in product usage and safe water practices
  • Distribute SaWa bags to rural communities
  • Collect data to establish demand, a pricing structure and approach for scaling the business in new markets