Kenya Red Cross Society has provided ongoing support to communities in need for over 75 years, independent of any affiliation or agenda. This critical support has become a lifeline for villages like Mukuru in Kenya, where the humanitarian needs are high, and the resources are scarce.

Everyone deserves access to clean water. It is not a privilege or an advantage afforded to only a select few. Yet, it’s a daily challenge, struggle, and health burden for millions worldwide with broad-reaching implications. Unsafe drinking water impacts not only health, sanitation, and hygiene, it also stalls economic growth. In Kenya, 81% of the population lives without proper access to a safe water resource. According to Global Health, the high mortality rates of Kenyans can be directly associated with waterborne diseases.

The Scope


The Kenya Red Cross Society and 4Life Solutions have teamed up to provide safe, purified, and reliable water to the people of Kenya. This unique partnership will bring clean drinking water to hundreds of families in the slum of Mukuru and provides an opportunity to establish long-lasting healthy behaviors throughout the community. This collaboration will give communities direct access to our SaWa bag. The intent of this program holds the promise of empowering and sustaining a healthy way of life for communities worldwide. Beyond its immediate impact in the region, it will shift the water crisis conversation from one that’s issues-based to one that is finally solutions-based.


Programme details

Mukuru is an informal settlement consisting of approximately 30 villages and is home to nearly 700,000 people just outside of Nairobi.  This partnership between the Kenya Red Cross Society and 4Life Solutions will test the effectiveness and receptiveness of the SaWa bag throughout the community by distributing 10,000 units to the habitats of the Mukuru slum.


For the next year, the teams’ will use this program as an opportunity to gather data and insights directly from the community about their experience with the bag and use those learnings to optimize efforts for the future. This valuable information will be used to create a sustainable distribution network throughout the region and inform new steps as the organization looks to scale and operationalize its efforts more broadly.


The team plans to establish a sustainable and reliable source of drinking water in one of the hardest-hit communities in the developing region with 60 health care workers and volunteers involved from both sides. This work creates hope, by empowering and sustaining a healthy way of life for communities worldwide with a long-lasting solution to the water crisis.

Health Impact

At this moment, diarrhea is one of the top three leading causes of death in children under the age of five. From a very young age, they experience waterborne illnesses, which can have a negative impact on both their health and educational experience. The burden this places on families has long-term costs, including an inability to work, attend school, and missed job opportunities. As a result, the average family suffers lost wages, and the community loses approximately $155 —making the price too high, especially when this is a preventable and treatable condition.


The SaWa bag removes the three key instigators of diseases in drinking water, including bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts. Furthermore, it’s an affordable solution with a long life span; thus, it creates a sense of stability and confidence in these afflicted communities with minimal resources.

Community Impact

Beyond its importance from a public health perspective, a communities access to safe, reliable drinking water is directly correlated with its ability to boost economic growth in a country. In fact, according to the WHO, clean drinking water can significantly reduce poverty by reducing the burden of disease and illness placed on communities, resulting in fewer sick days and more opportunities. Without this access, it perpetuates a cycle of poverty within the community.

Safe drinking water is the cornerstone of a healthy, thriving community and the SaWa bag provides an accessible and economical solution to ensure everyone is entitled to this critical resource.


The Future is Bright

While awareness for this issue continues to grow, access to sufficient, reliable, and affordable water continues to be a systemic issue in countries worldwide. The SaWa bag is a uniquely practical and cost-effective solution driven by the spirit of innovation and progress. As 4Life Solutions continues to bring safe drinking water to the many communities worldwide, it is guided by the hopeful mission that safe, reliable drinking water is a fundamental human right and a solvable issue.