4Life x Catholic Relief Services, Kenya

We’re partnering with Catholic Relief Services to bring safe drinking water to less fortunate communities in the regions of Isiolo and Turkana, in Kenya.

Catholic Relief Services

For nearly 75 years, the Catholic Relief Services has supported and nurtured the impoverished and disadvantaged people in the world’s most vulnerable communities. The organization’s dedication to the sanctity of human life drives its commitment to make a difference in over 100 countries, supporting the lives of nearly 130 million people across the world.
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The Cost of Unsafe Drinking Water in Kenya

In developing countries where 80% of illnesses are due to poor water and sanitation, the lack of clean drinking water directly contributes to the spread of diseases like dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, and more. In Kenya, poor water quality and sanitation is a leading cause of these illnesses. Without the means for medical care and treatment, it quickly becomes a deadly and debilitating problem throughout the country. In fact, according to the CDC, one of the easiest ways to control the outbreak and spread of illnesses like cholera is by improving sanitation.

Copyright Catholic Relief Services
Copyright Catholic Relief Services
Copyright Catholic Relief Services
Our Project Aims
  • Distribute SaWa bags allowing families to test them as part of their daily routine for an extended period.
  • Collect insights and data over the next year, to inform: demand and receptivity and how to scale in the future.
  • Support the local governmental infrastructure, as it looks to promote Water Treatment Technologies and develop a strong connection with the local communities
Community Benefits
  • Reduce the risk of waterborne diseases for vulnerable communities
  • Free up their time – associated with illness and collecting fuel to boil and purify water
  • Lower environmental impact of fuel used to purify water
  • Bring WASH education, resources and hope to the local communities for a healthy future
Invitations to Local Stakeholder Consultations

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