Our Story

4Life Solutions is a Danish based impact start-up. Our mission is to bring safe and affordable drinking water to the 2.2 billion people in the world who currently lack access to clean water.

The first SaWa by 4Life

was developed by Alexander Locke during a research trip to the Adjumani refugee camp in Uganda, 2017.

The main aim was to develop an alternative to boiling water that would not negatively impact the environment while still providing safe and clean drinking water. After several workshops with local residents, Alexander was able to prototype an improvement to the Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) method in a multi-layered plastic bag composition that allowed purification using only the sun rays.

This was the invention of SaWa by 4Life.


More News from 4Life Solutions

Putting SaWa by 4Life to the test, why it matters

My name is Charlotte Frydenlund Michelsen, and I’m the Senior Science Manager at 4Life Solutions… SaWa by 4Life can produce safe drinking water, showing over a 99.999% reduction of E. coli. Going forward we will be testing with turbidity levels of over 100 NTU

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